Long-Arm Quilting Services

Edge to Edge Quilting: 

A wide variety of edge-to-edge patterns to choose from.

Note: With this type of quilting, specific blocks & borders are ignored to create the edge-to-edge look. Prices depend on the pattern chosen due to the density of stitches & complexity of the design.

Basic All Over Meander:

A random all over meander over entire quilt top.  No attention to appliques or quilt blocks applies to this style of quilting.

Semi Custom Quilting:

When you have sections of the quilt you want quilted differently; perhaps the main area of the quilt is a pantograph but you want something different in the borders OR maybe you want an all-over edge-to-edge design but need to pay attention to applique sections.


Choose from 2 or 4″ increments to baste the quilt so that you can finish the quilting either by hand or on your own domestic machine.

Additional Thread Colours

Solid ,  Variegated or  Specialty Thread colour changes available at additional costs


Machine stitch to top of quilt

Hand sew to back of quilt

Preparing Quilt Top

Should you quilt require additional attention such as pressing seams, fixing borders.

Referral Program

For each referral of 1st time clients to Bolts2Blocks, you will receive a 15% discount!  Discount will be applied off your next quilt once your referral has their quilt quilted. Cannot be combined with any other discount.


Fullness &/or puckers within a quilt & its borders cannot be quilted out.  I cannot guarantee that puckers & tucks will not be sewn in.  Excessive fullness in borders may result in the quilt not being square.  The flatter your quilt top is prior to quilting, the better the finished quilt will be.

Longarm machines are mechanical devices and as such we do our best to ensure perfect results but on rare occasions, mechanical problems can occur which may result in minor damage to your quilt.

Prices do not include HST.

All items not claimed & paid for within 3 months of completion, will be donated or raffled off.


Description Cost Unit
Edge to Edge standard patterns $0.020+ per square inch
–          meander pattern $0.018+ per square inch
–         Semi custom $0.036+ per square inch
Basting – 2 or 4 stitches per inch $0.006+ per square inch
Additional thread colour – solid $6.00 per colour change
            –    variegated or specialty $9.00+ per colour change
Binding – machine stitch top $0.06 per linear inch
–         Hand sew to back of quilt $0.18 per linear inch
Quilt Top Adjustments $18.00 + per hour