About Us

My Story
Hi, my name is Rita Buckle and I am the owner of Bolts2Blocks

When my husband and I moved to Stayner, Ontario after retiring from the corporate world, I never would have imagined that I would be running a successful business here. My husband continued to work in the field that he loves while I pondered about things that I could do with my time. With my love for quilting and sewing, I thought “wouldn’t this be fun to share ideas and projects with fellow quilters alike”. So, in April of 2018 I plunged right in and started an online shop. Through many requests, I opened my doors to one of the smallest quilt stores in our area, keeping it cozy and friendly.

From the beginning, I set forth my mission to become a Fabric Shop that focused on affordable, premium quality fabrics and sewing supplies that people wanted. Your opinions have meant so much to me, as I use them to help shape my store and inventory. It has been nothing but a pleasure meeting and serving all of you.

Whether shopping online or in person at 344 Warrington Road in Stayner, I maintain a goal to provide you with great service and offer top quality products at the best possible price.